5 Effective ways to shorten your tweet

You say it best when you say nothing at all!
Ronan Keating must have stolen your heart when he sung these magical words. Unfortunately, when it comes to twitter, the only way you can express yourself is with “Words” !
Twitter is one brilliant micro-blogging platform which let you write stuff and pour your heart out. However, at the same time, it asks you to keep your message shorter. Twitter allows only 280 character for your tweet. Quite many people would find this limit sufficient enough to put their message across. While, some don’t. If you are the one who is at the other side of shore, and wondering how you can talk much and still keep your tweet within the permissible limit, I am sure this post would help you.

5 Effective ways to shorten your tweet

Following are the 5 Super effective ways to shorten your tweet. I am very sure, this would help you in composing your tweets in a much better and manageable way.

Use a link shortener

There are several tools available on internet which would let you shorten URL(s) Few popular options are, goo.glTinyURL. Besides these URLs, there are some services which pays you if the links shortened by their service are clicked. Few of such popular tools are Linkshrink & I would not personally recommend them as they offer lot of pain (captcha, advertisements etc) to the end users.

Use shortened text

Another way to save some characters from within your tweet is to use short text like we used to do it while writing text (SMS) messages. Nt only it vil shortn ur msg bt wud also giv a differnt suave 2 ur tweet.

Drop vowels, articles and conjunctions

You can super-invent your message by removing vowels, articles and conjunctions, being cautious that your message still holds a meaning. For example, if your tweet says “check out this website that features e-books by e-commerce companies,” you can easily tweak it to say “check this website featuring ebooks by e-commerce companies.” Saved 3 characters !!

Substitute number for words

This is most effective way to save quite a few characters from your tweet. Example, To becomes 2, For becomes 4, and if you could happen to me more imaginative, the word Sexy would become “6C”. You can also ensure that instead of mentioning a number in words, you use a number.
Lengthy Tweet: “I am feeling awesome today to have a gift pack of dozen apples and five chocolates.”
Shorten tweet:     “I am feeling awesome 2day 2 have a gift pack of 12 apples and 5 chocolates.
See, that’s not that hard!

Using Synonyms

Synonyms could be great space savers. If you are not aware about what Synonyms are, these are the words having a same or nearly the same meaning as the subjected word.  There are some very good websites which can help you find a perfectly suited synonym which can save precious characters. One of the best site you can check is Thesaurus. I have collated some commonly used words and their suitable synonyms which you can use.
Awesome > Cool
Brilliant > Bright
Meeting > Talk
Reliable > honest
Approach > Access / Way
Please remember, that besides everything, it is Very Important that your tweet passes on the right message. You would need to be thoughtful before using one or all the above mentioned tricks.
There could be many other ways which you would know to shorten a tweet. I am all ears for that. Please put your views/ideas in comment box below so that we can share more such information.

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