Google Duo – Among Top apps within a week

It’s not every time, an app launched by Google gets immediate accolades. This brings me to the newly app launched by Google Called “Duo”. You may call it another desperate attempt by google to compete with the likes of Skype and Facetime. However, by the looks of it, the app definitely shows some solid promise. Thereby, it brings no wonder to see this App climbing to the 6th Position within the first week of its launch.

Duo Ranking on Google play Top Charts

This App gives the user ability to Video call each other. Unlike other apps, Duo dynamically adjusts the quality of Call’s Video and Audio automatically on the basis of users’ Internet bandwidth. In addition to this dynamism, Google has also given its Android users a treat by introducing “Knock Knock” feature which allows the recipient of the call to view the caller’s video before actually picking up the call. Voila, one could easily say to the caller “I can see you now!”

Moving on the time would tell, how this Google’s new Product would compete in this Data intensive market. But for the consumers, future is brimming with feature rich apps.


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