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April 10, 2017 / Latest News

Petition for Affordable Internet Access

Amit Bhawani, the popular blogger of has raised a Petition for Affordable Internet Access. His initiative is hard hitting and against the malpractices followed by few telecom companies by selling internet plans at much higher cost. The grudge point is the denial by TRAI (Telecom regulatory authority of India) of Summer surprise offer by Reliance Jio to its Prime customers which would have benefited the customers.

TRAI’s standpoint then and now

Earlier, TRAI stood with the customers of internet against the Net Neutrality. However, this time, TRAI has deterred the Jio’s flow by disallowing it of selling through its Sumer surprise offer which gives its Prime users free service for next 3 months upon recharging for Rs. 303 and above.


The petition rightly questions the telecom companies providing internet access at high price thus making it still unattainable for large market segment. The question is about how can the telecom companies which were once offering data at Rs. 250/GB are now offering it at much lower prices. For example, Airtel is offering 3 GB under its Infinity plan for Rs 499/month.

You can find the petition here. The petition text goes as below


Today is a black day for Digital India. The Indian consumers who with your support, once fought and won the battle for Net Neutrality; Today are on the verge of losing out on affordable access to the Internet.

Sir, I am a Techie, who has stood for the dream of Digital India throughout my career. In the last year, we have experienced a sea of change in the number of Indians logging on and using the Internet actively. There is a huge change in the data consumption patterns, from 1GB/month to an astonishing 30GB/month. World’s biggest companies like Facebook and YouTube have acknowledged this exponential rise of Indian data usage on their platforms. The fact is, Today, INDIA HAS BECOME THE LARGEST MOBILE DATA CONSUMER IN THE WORLD.

The biggest contributor for this phenomenon to occur was the availability of stable and affordable data across India, for the very first time. Statistics have revealed that the appetite for Internet was there but the supply was strategically controlled and artificially priced high. The rate from Rs 250/GB has dropped drastically from last year to less than Rs 10/GB. The less rate has resulted in a whole new segment of Indian consumers connecting online. The Indians for whom data used to be a luxury.

I ask, what led to this change? Were the companies working as a cartel and fooling the Indian consumer?

Sir, TRAI, which is supposed to be a pro-consumer body disappointed me today; Instead of protecting the scheme that gave a chance to a common man to access Internet at a cost of less than Rs 5/GB, decided to shut the Jio Summer Surprise Offer and has set a precedence that will prevent the consumer from getting affordable data forever.

PS: This petition is in favor of any Telecom Operator that is offering affordable internet to the consumers. Ignoring the legal side I wish that TRAI & DOT would work in favor of the consumers and help in supporting any initiatives that help them access the internet at affordable pricing.

Sir, My humble request to you is that, Please side with the Indian consumers and reinforce to the Indian public that your actions will always protect the interest of the common man and also ensure that your policies are in sync with the Digital India vision to give The Indian Youth affordable access to Internet and Information.


What Next?

While writing this blog, total number of users who signed this petition were 96,793 and growing. If you support this argument and want to see the data prices being slashed, i would recommend you definitely sign this petition. Let your voice be heard.

April 6, 2017 / Latest News

Oneplus 3T Midnight Black Edition

Just when you thought OnePlus had enough with its 3T variant and would be eyeing the market with its New Iteration … there is something to rejoice you again. This Chinese manufacturer went similar on the lines of Apple, which recently launched Red Colour editions of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

The new edition called Midnight Black Edition has been launched yesterday having dark coating just 14 microns in thickness, applied to the smartphone thrice. If you have already started dreading about this phone being a finger print magnet, leave aside all your doubts. The all-black “Flagship killer” has also got anti-fingerprint layer to it.

Comparing the specs, Other than the new color, OnePlus 3T Midnight Black Edition is exactly similar to its brother .. “Regular Oneplus 3T”.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Free Refund 3 Months
March 23, 2017 / Latest News

Samsung Galaxy S8 offers 3 Months “No Question Asked” Refund

Samsung has given an indication about 3 months offer of “No Question Asked” refund to its Galaxy S8 buyers. Korean Technology giant “Samsung Electronics” got biggest jolt when its Note 7 fired all cylinders (pun) last year. To revive its image and instill the faith of the consumers, Samsung is now intended to offer 3 Months period of No Question refund to all its S8 Buyers.

My Opinion

Samsung appears to find its way in winning the heart of the consumers. However, there are few issues i see with this approach. No doubt, the consumers would get benefit, however, what Samsung would do with the handsets which would be returned. I am sure, they would not like to take up losses by discarding these returned ones. For sure, these discarded smartphones would again be sold as refurbished phones and would again make its way into the market. I am not trying to be negative here, but it is a different side of coin which should be considered.  Nevertheless, I like this announcement which boasts the confidence Samsung has in its Next Smartphone model. This would not only go well for Sammy, but would be a trendsetter. I hope the future causes no more Burns or Puns!