Samsung Galaxy S8 Free Refund 3 Months

Samsung Galaxy S8 offers 3 Months “No Question Asked” Refund

Samsung has given an indication about 3 months offer of “No Question Asked” refund to its Galaxy S8 buyers. Korean Technology giant “Samsung Electronics” got biggest jolt when its Note 7 fired all cylinders (pun) last year. To revive its image and instill the faith of the consumers, Samsung is now intended to offer 3 Months period of No Question refund to all its S8 Buyers.

My Opinion

Samsung appears to find its way in winning the heart of the consumers. However, there are few issues i see with this approach. No doubt, the consumers would get benefit, however, what Samsung would do with the handsets which would be returned. I am sure, they would not like to take up losses by discarding these returned ones. For sure, these discarded smartphones would again be sold as refurbished phones and would again make its way into the market. I am not trying to be negative here, but it is a different side of coin which should be considered.  Nevertheless, I like this announcement which boasts the confidence Samsung has in its Next Smartphone model. This would not only go well for Sammy, but would be a trendsetter. I hope the future causes no more Burns or Puns!

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