How to add animated GIF to facebook post

When it comes to social networking, nothing is best other than rich multimedia content. People over the years are trying to find vivid methods of expressing their thoughts and expressions. Animated GIFs recently took over and people are simply loving it. It is small in size yet in motion that drives people to use it more often now. Due to this love for GIF, Facebook has allowed to use Animated GIFs in posts. Let us see how to add animated GIF to facebook post.

Add animated GIF using Desktop

To progress ahead, you must have a gif file saved into your hard disk. I would assume you are already aware about how to look and download gifs from internet. If not, you can simply head to “the gif temple” – where you would find lots of animated gifs to view and download.

On the facebook’s user interface, begin writing your post. You would see an option to upload “Photo/Video”. When clicked, you would be prompted to select a multimedia file. Navigate to the location where you have your gif image saved and select the same.

facebook post

After writing the post, hit the “Post” button.Viola! You would see your facebook timeline updated with the animated gif image. Let me know the number of likes you would get with this one!



Add animated GIF Using Mobile App

Facebook’s mobile app is a bit more liberal in giving an option to upload GIFs directly. When you would reach out to write a post, you would see multiple options. “GIF” option is down there at last.



Choosing the GIF option, you would find several GIF images listed for you to choose. All these images are again from Gifphy. Believe me, they have the best collection.



Choose the one you like and hit “Post”. Again.. count the likes .. they would definitely be better than a simple text post.


I believe, having learnt posting the GIFs would bring much dynamism to your posts. One great thing i like about animated images is that they make your post looks ‘Live’. Picture says thousand words, add another thousand for Animated images.

Let me know in the comments down below how adding GIFs have helped you.


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