What’s wrong with Curved Display

Men oogles at them, Women loves to have them and Smart Phone users are super excited about having the same being made into their Phones. I am referring to the desire of all eyes “Curves“. Is the curved display really important for Smartphone screens? Or Not?
During my numerous visits at Samsung’s showroom, the only thing which appears boldly plastered on the banners is the Curved display for the recent smartphones released recently. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge can easily trigger a technical discussion in any technology forum. Although, people feel that Curved display has made their life simpler, innovative and more Stylish, I don’t exactly agree.
Let me tell you What’s wrong with Curved Display and 4 reasons why I think that you should not buy a Curved screen Device.

Prone to Breakage

The curve of the screen on either side makes the phone more prone to damage.   Imagine your Beauty slips out of your hand and hits the Concrete Shining floor. Besides your Hope, it would be your precious smartphone’s display which would be shattered into several pieces. The ‘Law of Probability’ happily operates when your Phone slips out of your hands. More the glass on the phone, more chances of it being easily damaged. When a Smartphone with non-curved screen slips out and bumps with the floor on its edge, the worst thing you could expect is the side chrome polish to come out.
You might be tempted to get a good tampered glass to protect the screen, but sadly as of now, the tampered glass market(for curved screen phones) is at a very nascent stage and such curved tampered glasses are costly to obtain.

Grip Interference

Hold it really tight.. its over $800. While one tries to hold the Edge phone correctly to operate it with One hand, the immediate issue noticeable is the interference created by double touch on screen. What i mean to say is that when you are holding phone from the Left hand and try reaching out to extreme right edge of the screen, the skin at the inner bottom of your left thumb is bound to also touch the left side of the screen in the process. You would realize that touching the right side of the screen would not give any response. This situation can easily be noticed generally when operating on screen keyboard using one hand.

Trimmed Screen estate

You got to admit that curved screens do no good if you are a heavy media consumer. If you are watching your media in full screen, on landscape orientation, chances are that you are missing out few millimeters of screen space on either side of your curved screen phone. You might say, well, that’s not much of the screen that gets hidden when i look onto my phone upside down. But well, that was also something you paid for. Isn’t it? A 5.5″ screen is not worth if you are only able to enjoy your multimedia with 5.3″ screen space.

Extra Cost

I admit that Curved screen is a modern design. It brings the unconventional look to your smartphone, which you would like to flaunt. But besides that, it only brings in extra cost to your pocket. Take for instance, the Galaxy S7 Edge compared to Normal Galaxy S7 is $110 dearer. Considering almost same specs both these variants have, If you are riding low on budget, choosing the former would make a lot of sense. By saving extra money, you can spend it on pricey accessories to flaunt.


The above mentioned points comes from my experience of using the Curved screen phone (Galaxy S7 Edge). I thought to put these together for everyone of you to stop, think and wonder if you have also experienced some or all of these issues. I would love to hear your thoughts on this. Please post your response through comments below.

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